Spanish for Adults

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Our Curriculum:

CASA de ESPAÑOL’s curriculum for adults is developed to optimize students' progress based on each student’s goals, interests, and needs. It mixes interactive in-class activities taught by expert teachers and a comprehensive virtual component, both of which offer dynamic and creative methods of immersing students in more than just grammar-laden lectures. In our 10-week courses, students also learn about Spanish and Latin American etiquette, art, literature, history, traditions, and pop culture as they delve into authentic situations that focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing. With each lesson, the main goal is that students quickly gain skills that they can immediately use in their community, workplace or at their next travel destination.

CASA Virtual (online component) - Included

Many of our students are busy adults, so we developed CASA Virtual as our online component, which allows students to access interactive practices on the go from their desktop, laptop, or handheld device. Each week students have access to new practices that focus on oral comprehension, speaking, pronunciation or vocabulary acquisition. With this program, students can take everything they need with them, wherever they need to be.