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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do courses cost?

Adult grammar courses and labs start at $255. Adult workshops start at $110. We ask students to purchase one workbook for the three basic levels, one workbook for the intermediate levels and one workbook for the advanced and superior levels. Each workbook can be found online or bought from us on the first day of class for $20-$30. Some classes may require an additional reader ($12-$30).

How do I know which class is right for me?

We offer a placement exam, which you can take by clicking here. Once submitted, one of our instructors will review and recommend the best course for you.

How long is each course and when do classes meet?

We divide the year into four 10-week sessions. Classes are offered once a week for an hour and forty minutes. Students can choose from a variety of class times depending on the level. We also offer intensive workshops between sessions. Please see our class schedules to choose a class that works best for you.

How many different levels are offered?

We offer Basic Ia, Ib, II, and III, Intermediate I, II, III and IV, Advanced I, II, III and IV, and Superior I, II, and III. We also offer conversation labs and inter-session workshops with varying topics.

Do I have to finish the whole program?

No, our program is recreational. It is for adults who have a set goal in mind and are looking to achieve that goal in a highly dynamic and motivational environment. In the beginning, you can set the goal of being able to get by at the workplace and when you travel. If this is the case you may decide to take our series of basic courses. If you are looking to become highly proficient, then you may choose to also complete our intermediate series, in which you will review the present tense irregulars and learn por vs. para, the past tenses and the direct and indirect object pronouns. If your goal is to speak Spanish at a high level of fluency, then you may choose to finish our advanced courses as well. In this series, you will do an intense review of the preterit vs. the imperfect, the conditional, “si” clauses and the present subjunctive. If your goal is to become completely fluent you may choose to finish our program by taking the superior level classes. In these classes we learn the commands, the imperfect subjunctive, the verbs that use the indirect pronouns and writing grammar rules including the accents and punctuation.

Who teaches the courses?

All of our professors are highly educated experienced teachers with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and most have a Master’s degree in a related field. Please visit our team page to read more about them.

How much grammar is taught in each course?

Our goal is that you learn useful and pertinent vocabulary and phrases focused on your work or travel needs. About 70% of each class is focused on conversation. This means that you finish each class feeling like you learned material that you will be able to immediately use. All of our classes are for busy adults, so we teach 1 to 2 grammar points each 9-week session, so that you are not drowning in grammar with very little time to practice it in class. Click here to request to observe a class.

How many students are in each class?

All of our classes are very small with no more than 18 students.

What is your student population like?

Most of our students are between the ages of 25 and 65. They are highly motivated individuals. Many are taking classes because they either work with the Latino population here in Northern California, or they love to travel and want to have a more authentic experience when they do so. You will not be in a huge class of 30 students whose goal is just to pass the class for university units. You will be in a community of colleagues and friends, who help each other improve and reach individual goals.